Considering Ryan Reynolds fought for an R-rated Deadpool for the best part of a decade, the recent announcement of a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 was something of an out of blue moment. A few weeks on and some new details have emerged, including the title which has been revealed as Once Upon A Deadpool.

Speaking to Deadline, Ryan Reynolds revealed that Once Upon A Deadpool would be supporting the F*** Cancer charity (which had to be renamed Fudge Cancer for this campaign), which was one of two conditions he insisted on for the PG-13 version.

“Fox has been asking for a PG-13 basically since the start in 2006. I’ve said no since 2006. Now, this one time, I said ‘Yes’ on two conditions. First, a portion of the proceeds had to go to charity. Second, I wanted to kidnap Fred Savage. The second condition took some explaining…”

Best known for The Wonder Years, and The Princess Bride, Fred Savage appeared in a photo with Reynolds recreating the iconic bedtime story framing device scene from The Princess Bride. It was speculated at the time, but now it's official that this recreation will be used as the framing device for a toned down DP2.  Jesting about his appearance in Once Upon A Deadpool, here's what Fred Savage had to say;

“While my participation in this film was anything but voluntary. I am happy to learn that Fudge Cancer will be the beneficiary of this shameless cash grab.”

According to Deadline, eight new scenes featuring Reynolds and Savage were shot, and the running time is reportedly three minutes shorter than the theatrical cut. Aside from removing all the naughty words and dialing back on the violence, it remains unclear which scenes have been left on the cutting room floor. As Disney will soon be the new owners of Deadpool once its deal to acquire 20th Century Fox has been finalized, a PG-13 dry run could give them an idea on how (or if) Deadpool could fit into the MCU going forward.

Once Upon A Deadpool is released in the US on December 12, at the time of writing, there is currently no fixed UK date.