Well rape me with a whisk! I said to myself "PLEASE don't be another Marley and Me" but no, this frickin film is about a dog that's dying, so although we don't have to put up with a terrible little "Coming to terms" moment like we did in Marley & Me which was engineered to make animal lovers around the world cry...

Red Dog takes it one step further and makes the entire film about a town who come together to witness the demise of a dog who changed each and every one of them through its unique behaviour.

I've always grown up with dogs, many died along the way of old age and a couple were the best companions a kid could ever ask for... from chasing down joggers to sneaking onto the bed at night a stealing your pillow, man's best friend has a way with making the world a better place and none tell the story better or dramatically than the medium of film.

Grab a hanky, we're here for the long haul... part of me wants to review this but another part says "Don't... it'll be another War Horse, your wuss gene will kick in and there'll be no stopping the flood" Reading the synopsis and then watching the trailer.... Oh good god.... Don't look at me!!! DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!! *blubbers*

Based on the best-selling novel from Louis De Bernieres (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) and inspired by a true story, RED DOG comes to DVD & Blu-ray 4 June.

Before enjoying a successful UK theatrical release earlier in the year, the film has now become the 7th biggest movie of all time in its native Australia taking a whopping $23 AUD. Starring Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama), Rachael Taylor (Transformers), Noah Taylor (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Keisha Castle-Hugues (Whale Rider) and featuring  a career defining performance from KOKO the dog,  RED DOG has collected 6 awards including Best Film at the Australian Film Awards.

Dampier, Western Australia, 1971, a wild and desolate place where workers from all over the world go to sweat away. When the sun goes down, these grafters make their way to the industrial hick town’s only pub where they drink, recall their homes and get involved in fights.

But this particular night things are somewhat quieter than usual. In the back room a dog is drawing its last breath. But this isn’t just any old cur, this is Red Dog, a dog everybody here knows and loves, and about whom everyone has a story to tell.

No doubt about it, Red Dog really is a character –and tonight everyone is prepared to agree for once. The film was directed by Kriv Stenders (The Illustrated Family DoctorBlacktown) and written by Dan Taplitz(Chaos Theory, Breakin’ All the Rules, Commandments), and was shot on location in Western Australia. And now it’s yours to own when its released on DVD & Blu-ray this summer.