It has been more than two years since the Red Dwarf gang was last on our screens, and despite an appetite from the cast and fans, news on more episodes has been sparse. However, our patience has been rewarded as UKTV has confirmed brand new Red Dwarf for 2020, but there's a twist. We won't be getting the usual run of six half-hour episodes; in its place, we'll be treated to a feature-length special. Speaking about the surprise announcement, series co-creator Doug Naylor had this to say;

"I'm absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity of making more Red Dwarf. UKTV has been a never-ending source of support and encouragement since we first started working together 10 years ago. I can't wait to start shooting a format that I don't think has ever been done before. Smoke me a kipper, we're back and not just for breakfast."

The last time Red Dwarf deviated from the usual six-episode format was a decade ago for Back To Earth. The meta three-parter was the first new Red Dwarf in ten years and the first to be broadcast on the UK channel Dave. While I'm physically incapable of not watching brand new Red Dwarf, Back To Earth is my least favourite in the show's 31-year history. Be that as it may, the forthcoming two-hour special could be considered the long-mooted Red Dwarf movie that Naylor has wanted to make for more than twenty years. 

In addition to the feature-length special, there will be three hour-long retrospective documentaries charting the history of the series featuring previously unseen behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes. There are currently no details on when the new Red Dwarf will land on TV, but towards the end of next year seems like a safe bet for now.