To celebrate the release of Sparkle on October 5th 2012, boxofficeBUZ takes a look back at some of our favourite films starring the legendary Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston, a talent like no other; kids today dream about the money that 15 minutes of fame can give them on a reality TV show but this was a woman who had it all, some say love broke her and music healed her but just when she was about to make a return to centre stage and the fans that were waiting for her, tragedy struck and the spotlight remained empty. Whitney Houston died on February 11th 2012 leaving the world shocked and plans for a thrilling come back unfulfilled.

The work of Whitney Housten lives on and although Sparkle may be her last performance on the big screen it certainly wasn't her first and I'm going to share with you some of my favourites.

The Bodyguard

Wasn't that just breathtaking? If you've not hit play... do it... you'd be hard pressed to find a pop star who can sing like that today.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, The Bodyguard tells the story of the unlikely romance between an iconic pop star and her strong but silent bodyguard. The romantic thriller was Houston’s acting debut and featured some much-loved vocal performances including her all-time hit ‘I Will Always Love You’, resulting in one of the biggest selling movie soundtracks of all time. The Bodyguard is out on DVD and Blu-ray™ now. (I own the soundtrack, I do, I do, I do, the original CD...)

The Bodyguard also makes its way on to the West End in London this October where the story will be told to a whole new audience. Celebrating it's first time on Blu-ray and the stage, Whitney's legacy will live on like never before.

Heather Headley has some Diva sized shoes to fill on the West End stage... Do you think she can do it? She has to do eight shows a week and the songs from The Bodyguard are very demanding even if Whitney made them look like a walk in the park.

Waiting To Exhale

In 1995’s Waiting to Exhale, Houston played Vannah, a television producer embroiled in a love affair with a married man, the romantic-comedy see’s Houston’s character hold onto the hope that her lover will eventually leave his wife for her.

One of the films that BBC and ITV used to shove on late at night back in the late 90's when they thought pesky kids were asleep in bed but back then the night time hours were sometimes better than prime time TV and although living on an island I wasn't exposed to much culture it was late night jaunts with the remote that led to classic films like Waiting To Exhale and Boys on the Side.

One of the projects Whitney supposedly fought for in pre-production and as you can see, she does a fantastic job!

The Preachers Wife

The Preachers Wife, saw Houston star alongside Denzel Washington as the wife of a struggling reverend, who finds herself falling for a heaven sent angel.

Not a film for me I'm afraid and it was one of the films that the audiences mainly ignored during Whitney's film career but it deserves a mention because as with all Whitney's albums, even the soundtracks rocketed up the charts and it's thanks to the song above that The Preacher's Wife lived on through its music.

You see back in the day RnB, Soul had meaning, it wasn't all about sliding up and down poles as Rihanna would have you believe.

Rogers & Hammerstein's Cinderella

If the House of Mouse got anything right it was this version of Cinderella, which as a kid, I LOVED. Whoopi Goldberg, Bernadette Peters, Brandi and Whitney Houston? Good Golly!! Although the all inclusive tone annoyed me something rotten even back then... The White folk were mainly evil or subservient fools... not very inclusive at all! Although if Whoopi Goldberg where your queen, you probably wouldn't argue with her either! lol

Houston starred as the Fairy Godmother herself in the 1997 version of Cinderella, an updated and fun-loving version of our classic fairy tale featuring the fantastic score and lyrics from famous musical writing duo Rogers and Hammerstein.

With a rockin' cool godmother how could Cinderella not find her Prince and of course that all important happy ending?

Don’t miss Houston’s last performance, as she stars alongside up and coming singer and actress Jordin Sparks in Motown musical Sparkle, in cinemas from 5th October. 

From the Drama of The Bodyguard right through to the magic and wonder of Cinderella, Whitney Houston is a star that will almost certainly live on for years to come in movies and music leaving a legacy that will inspire a million dreamers singing into hair brushes and shampoo bottles to follow their gut and take a risk. Whether it be on the stage, busking on the streets or as an X-Factor finalist there's no denying that somewhere along the line the name and legend that is Whitney Houston will be named somewhere along the line.

It's been a pleasure and to say I didn't pause and listen to every one of the videos above would be a lie... don't deny yourself tap in to the legendary vocals now, even if you don't read this... well if you don't read this you won't know to watch the videos so I say to you now....