If you'll remember a while back, I did an article talking about friend of the site Blake Northcott's Arena Mode kickstarter, and how we here at BoxOfficeBUZ were really looking forward to it. If you'll look back now, you might remember it way over-reaching its initial goals by a few thousand dollars. With that massive success comes part 2 of the Arena Mode series. This time, she's bringing it all back with Assault or Attrition, the standalone followup to the success that was fully funded in its first two days. 

Like last time, Northcott will be calling on a pool of her artistic friends from Marvel, DC and Image Comics among others to lend their skills to character design artwork which will be featured in the project. We'll be seeing works from Dave Johnson, Mark McKenna, and one of my favourites, Steve McNiven, among a roster of many others. 

Having read several of her works now, I can say with confidence that Blake is definitely a talented writer, and if you want to get into a science fiction universe without worrying about having to run the labyrinth like you might with other writers, you should definitely give her a chance. Of course, if you want to know why I enjoyed Arena Mode, you can read about it here. Don't take my word for it though. Check out her kickstarter at AssaultorAttrition.com and see what she has to offer.