Knives Out was undoubtedly one of the cinematic highlights of the year, and it only landed in cinemas at the end of November. Rian Johnson's homage to Agatha Christie was a winner with audiences and critics notching up a global box office of almost $250 million (and counting). The unexpected success has led to talk of another baffling case for Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc to solve, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson has confirmed he's already working on the script. While there is no direct quote from Johnson (or official announcement from Lionsgate), here's what THR revealed;

"Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter at Lionsgate's pre-Golden Globes party on Saturday night that he was already developing a sequel centered on Daniel Craig's Southern detective Benoit Blanc investigating a new case. The filmmaker added that he was eager to make the pic quickly, ideally in the next year."

Now that Daniel Craig is all but done as James Bond with the release of No Time To Die later this year, his schedule is wide open to take on a new franchise. Aside from a fearless performance in Steven Soderberg's Logan Lucky, Craig has been on autopilot in recent years, and Knives Out proved he is capable of so much more when he's got an electric script. In a year that saw a record number of sequels, remakes, adaptations of existing material, Knives Out was a beacon of originality. 

Two years ago Kenneth Branagh's take on Murder on the Orient Express took the box office by storm grossing $352 million worldwide. We'll see his Hercule Poirot again this year in Death On The Nile. Could a resurgence of star-studded old school murder mysteries be on the cards? We can only hope.

Knives Out is still showing in selected cinemas and lands on Home Entertainment on March 30.