Rick Moranis has closed a deal with Disney to reprise his role as wacky inventor Wayne Szalinski in the long-gestating Honey I Shrunk The Kids reboot. The project was originally set up as a Disney+ film, but throughout the development process, the script was retooled to be a theatrical release. Josh Gad will star as Watne's grown-up son who is trying to follow in his father's footsteps by experimenting with shrinking technology. Naturally, it's not a spoiler to assume Gad, Moranis and the rest of the family wind up shrining themselves; the film is called Shrunk after all.

Released back in 1989 and directed by Joe Johnson (Captain America The First Avengers), Honey I Shrunk The Kids was a blockbuster hit taking $222 million worldwide. Three years later and Honey I Blew Up The Kid switched the concept with Wayne accidentally enlarging the newest addition to the family to the size of a building. The sequel was largely panned by critics and could only muster $76 million at the box office, but that wasn't the end of the franchise. Moranis reprised the role a third time for Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, but it wasn't released in cinemas. Instead, the third instalment was broadcast on the Disney Channel and released directly to DVD around the world. 

Moranis starring in any film let alone returning to one of his iconic roles is something of a surprise. Since the passing of his wife in the early 90s, Moranis steadily retreated from public life, and his last live-action role was Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves back in 1997. He created the short-lived animated version of Bob and Doug and revisited his musical passions with a series of albums, but Moranis hasn't appeared in a movie in 23 years. Unlike his fellow Ghostbusters who cameoed in Paul Feig's reboot and will feature in this year's Afterlife, Moranis declined to return in either Ghostbusters revivals. That said, as Afterlife is still months away from hitting cinemas, a Moranis cameo could yet happen. 

Shrunk will see Joe Johnson return the director's chair, and is reportedly on the fast track to production for a summer 2021 release.