After the huge success of The Martian, director Ridley Scott is venturing back into outer space for his much-hyped follow-up to Prometheus. Alien: Paradise Lost will continue to explore the origins of the iconic Xenomorphs first seen in Scott’s 1979 classic. Speaking to IGN, Ridley Scott revealed that his grand plan to connect Prometheus to Alien will take a couple of sequels. 

“I’m trying to keep this for myself. I let the other one ['Alien'] get away from me – I shouldn’t have… I’m trying to re-resurrect the beast and let if off the hook for a while because I’m coming back into the back-end of 'Alien 1.' I’m gradually getting to 'Alien 1,' 

Prometheus 2 will start getting shot in February, and I’ve already begun now, so I know what the script is. Then there will be another one after that and then maybe we’ll back into Alien 1, as to why? Who would make such a dreadful thing?”

As any true fan of the Alien saga knows, after James Cameron’s glorious sequel the rest of the franchise is patchy. The work print of David Fincher’s Alien 3 is a drastically improved version and one that I have come to enjoy. Alien Resurrection was a hot mess of ideas that didn’t work; I’m still not sure if I should laugh of cry at the Alien/human hybrid seen in the final act. The only scary thing about that misfire, was the fact the creature got put on camera. I would love to pretend that the two Alien vs. Predator movies didn’t happen, but they did.

Like the rest of the internet, I was fascinated by Neill Blomkamp’s Alien project and despite no plot details emerged, I was deeply disappointed when 20th Century Fox decided to put the movie on hold. Scott has every right to be miffed over the Alien franchise as a whole, but for me Prometheus was no better or worse than Alien 3. The Martian has proved that Scott is still a formidable force behind the camera, here’s hoping that revived gusto translates to a satisfying Alien prequel or two.

Alien: Paradise Lost is due for release May 2017.