During the press junket for his latest movie The Martian, Director Ridley Scott spoke to Deadline and gave some teasing details about Prometheus 2. While no fixed plot points are divulged, Scott was clear that the story will follow Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and David’s (Michael Fassbender) quest to find the Engineers home world.

"You [could] leave the first film alone and jump ahead, but you can’t because it ends on too specific a plot sentence as she says, 'I want to go where they came from, I don’t want to go back to where I came from'. I thought the subtext of that film was a bit florid and grandiose, but it asks a good question: who created us? 

That raises the question to me, same as was depicted in 2001 when that ape that had been grubbing around in the water hole with all of them bickering at each other... has a bigger thought injected into his brain than Newton got sitting under a tree and seeing an apple fall. That is one gigantic, magnificent leap of a thousand years of evolution; that is where the world begins. It is pretty grand thinking, and that’s what I want to explore. You’ve got to go back and find those engineers and see what they are thinking. If engineers are the forerunners of us and, therefore, were creators of life forms in places that were possible for biology to function, who created that? Where’s the big boy?"

There were plenty of grand ideas in Prometheus and for all its flaws the end results still sparked debate. Critical response to Prometheus was mixed, and many fans of Alien were left disappointed that it wasn’t a full on origins story. Scott had made no secret that Prometheus would only contain limited ‘DNA’ from Alien, but the trailers told a different story. Regardless of the divided option of Prometheus, a healthy $400 million at the box office was enough for Fox to move forward with the sequel.

Production on Prometheus 2 is set to start in February for a 2017 release, and that’s not the only visit to the Alien universe on the horizon. Neill Blomkamp’s Alien project is in development and will bring Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley back to the franchise. As Ridley Scott is producing Blomkamp’s movie, he exercised his clout to ensure that Prometheus 2 was made first. Blomkamp even altered his script at Scott’s request as it clashed with elements of Prometheus 2. 

Prometheus 2 touches down in cinemas on May 30, 2017.