A week on from rumors circulating that Robert Pattinson was on Warner Bros' radar for The Batman, Deadline has confirmed that he is officially their top choice. Last week it emerged that the role of a younger Bruce Wayne/Batman for Matt Reeves' new trilogy was down to two actors, Robert Pattinson and Nicolas Hoult. Both are equally not obvious choices for the role, but the same could be said for almost any actor to wear the iconic cowl.

Matt Reeves' take on the Caped Crusader started life with Ben Affleck still attached to reprise his role working from a script Affleck had co-written. However, it soon became apparent that Reeves' wanted to go younger with the character to explore a side of Bruce Wayne we've not seen on the big screen before. It remains unclear if any of Affleck's work on the script will make it to the finished film, but it is believed that Reeves carried out a page one rewrite.

If you had asked me around the time of Twilight-mania that Robert Pattinson would one day be Batman, I would call you a liar to your face. I can't class myself a fan of any of Pattinson's early work, but since he hung up his sparkly fangs he has made some unexpected career choices. Working with acclaimed filmmakers such as Werner Herzog (Queen of the Desert), James Gray (The Lost City of Z), David Michôd (The Rover), and two collaborations with David Cronenberg (Cosmopolis, Maps to the Stars), Pattinson has worked hard to distance himself from Twilight. Much like Daniel Radcliffe, who has used his star power to get passion projects made, Pattinson can't be accused of picking a typical career path after the franchise that made him a star was finished.

Now, if it sounds like I'm trying to convince myself that Pattinson is the right choice for Batman, it's because I am, just a bit. After delivering two phenomenal Planet of the Apes sequels, I'm fully onboard with whatever direction Matt Reeves takes The Batman. It is scientifically impossible for the new film to be as bad as Justice League, and I say that as someone who thought Affleck's unhinged Dark Knight was the best thing about Batman vs Superman. Starting the next Batman trilogy with a clean slate makes complete sense, the real question will be if audiences are ready for another new Batman?

The Batman will be released June 25, 2021.