Universal is pushing ahead with reviving its classic monsters with news that Ryan Gosling has been cast in the leading role in The Wolfman. According to Variety, Universal has been taking (virtual) meetings with various directors in a bid to lock a filmmaker in as soon as possible. The story is reportedly based on a pitch by Gosling and will be a contemporary take on the classic source material.

Universal's previous attempt to launch an MCU style series of interconnected movies was by all account a collosol failure. Tom Cruise ushered in the Dark Universe with The Mummy back in 2017, The Invisible Man (starring Jonny Depp), and The Bride of Frankenstein (starring Javier Bardem) were on the fast track with more films in development. However, The Dark Universe ushered in by The Mummy was also the end of The Dark Universe as The Mummy failed to leave an impact on the box office. Universal promptly hit the pause button on all active Dark Universe projects, and wisely put their shared universe ideas on hiatus.

Hitting the reset button, Universal relaunched their classic monsters reboots earlier this year with Leigh Whannell's haunting take on The Invisible Man. Starring Elisabeth Moss, the modern-day set retelling brought the story up to date while remaining true to its origins. As long as The Wolfman remains as grounded as The Invisible Man (keeping things small and character-driven), then this new era of The Dark Universe could be quite exciting. 

The last time The Wolfman got a remake was back in 2010 with Joe Johnson's troubled adaptation starring Benicio del Toro, Emily Blunt, and Anthony Hopkins. Plagued by production problems, The Wolfman might have been a bumpy ride, but the (vastly improved) extended cut on DVD added tons of bloodthirsty horrors, a Max von Sydow cameo, and more of Hopkins being supremely evil.