Another Entourage trailer is out for its feature-length film. And it has all the sass and glamour you would expect. This trailer features an amazing number of celebrity cameos. Those making a cameo include Tom Brady, Jessica Alba, Warren Buffett, Ed O'Neill, Mark Wahlberg and more. Mark Wahlberg was also the executive producer for the show.

Entourage movie takes off where 2011 series ended. Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) not only wants to star in a new movie but also direct it. And Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) doesn’t seem to like it. Vicent Chase gets his way, but Ari starts to panic when he goes over budget. As the movie starts to turn into a box office bomb, it causes more tension between Ari and Vincent. "If this movie tanks, Vince will not come back from this, neither will I, and neither will you," says Ari, in the new trailer. Entourage release date is June 5.

Entourage is a comedy-drama TV series that was aired on HBO in 2004 and concluded in 2011, after eight seasons. The series was created and written by Doug Ellin. It chronicles the career of Vincent Chase, an A-list movie star, and his childhood friends from Queens, as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Los Angeles, California.

The guest appearances in the movie is nothing new to the TV series (now a movie). The TV show Entourage had at least one guest appearance per episode. Several actors, film directors, musicians film producers, and professional athletes played themselves.  During its long run of eight years, the series was nominated for 26 Primetime Emmy Awards. It won six of them, for directing, acting, writing and for Outstanding Comedy Series. Kevin Dillon, one of the actors in the series received three consecutive nominations in the years 2007, 2008, and 2009.