The following article contains spoilers for Greenland.

Usually, you know what to expect from your average Gerard Butler movie, action, shouting, and a fair chance that the words 'Has Fallen' is in the title. However, late last year Amazon picked up his new disaster film, Greenland, which after the lows of Geostorm, expectations weren't high. Well, serve me an extra-large helping of humble pie as Greenland was one heck of a movie. Admittedly, it was a gamble releasing a slightly nightmarish disaster film during a pandemic, but the core of keeping a family together runs deep in this surprisingly heartfelt movie.

Deadline reports that director Ric Roman Waugh (Angel Has Fallen) and writer Chris Sparling are reuniting for a sequel, currently titled Greenland: Migration both Butler and Morena Baccarin are set to reprise their roles as John and Allison Garrity. At first glance, a sequel might seem difficult because an extinction-level event wiped out most humanity. That said, the movie's closing moments showed John, Allison, and all the other survivors emerging from the shelter into what is left of the world. According to Deadline, Migration will see the Garrity family navigate a strange new world in a quest to find sanctuary once again.

"In a continuation of the story, the Garrity family, who survive a near-extinction level event when an interstellar comet hits the earth, must leave the safety of the Greenland bunker and embark on a perilous journey across the decimated frozen wasteland of Europe to find a new home."

Based on that description, Migration sounds like it will be more akin to The Road than the classic disaster movie tone of the original. Production is set to start sometime next year for a tentative early 2023 release. Ric Roman Waugh and Butler will be reuniting again for the fourth instalment in the Has Fallen franchise, with Night Has Fallen in the advanced stages of development.