Alien 5 is coming to theaters in 2017 and sees Sigourney Weaver back in the franchise. The movie will be directed by Neill Blomkamp. Sigourney Weaver has shared her thoughts about her next movie with director Neill Blomkamp. This comes after he posted a series of photos on Instagram in January, without the knowledge of 20th Century Fox. The project has went from a pipe dream to a reality, and now 20th Century Fox is developing the sequel with Neill Blomkamp as director and produced by original Alien director Ridley Scott.

Speaking with Variety about re-teaming with Blomkamp on a new Alien film Sigourney Weaver said: 

I can’t think of a better director. He’s a real fan. I think he’ll be true to the world and take it in unexpected directions. It’s got a lot of sinew in it. It will certainly stand up to the others and probably break a lot of new ground as well.

Sigourney Weaver has been seen in every Alien film, except for Alien Vs Predator, so she has the knowledge whether the franchise is in good hands. Very little details have been released about the movie so far, but all that is known for now is that Sigourney Weaver will be back in action as Ripley and will be taking on some Xenomorphs.

Sigourney Weaver's current film Chappie is opening in theaters this weekend,. Both Blomkamp and Weaver are conducting a worldwide press tour and countering plenty of Alien 5 related questions. Blomkamp is trying to keep as much attention as possible in the movie Chappie.