The first two X-Men movies are widely regarded as the best in the whole franchise, the freshly released Days Of Future Past might just pip those two to the post but when it comes to the least enjoyable all X-Men fans are united on that front.

Bryan Singer departed the X-Men universe to reboot Superman, in its wake Brett Ratner picked up the megaphone to helm The Last Stand which wasn’t well received by fans or critics. The negativity towards the movie didn’t prevent it from becoming the highest grossing entry in the whole franchise. A title that it still currently holds and one that Days Of Future Past should eclipse.. In an interview with Screen Crush, writer and producer Simon Kinberg revealed that The Dark Phoenix arc was meant to play a bigger role if he’d had his way.

“I regret that The Dark Phoenix story wasn’t the primary story of the movie.

I wanted The Dark Phoenix story, but I regret where the movie ended up. And so, weirdly, this was sort of my opportunity, a little like the characters in ‘Days of Future Past’ going back and improving their younger selves with the lessons they’ve learned as wiser men. It’s sort of a chance for me to go back and do differently what I did ten years ago on ‘X3.

I think if we made that movie today, there are a lot of things that would be different. The universe today, culturally, is more open to a darker superhero film. And the darkness of her story was a little bit daunting on a huge $200 million studio movie. And, it would be less daunting today.”

Speaking as an X-Men fan, last year’s The Wolverine went along way to repair the damage of the Last Stand. Both First Class and the redundant Wolverine Origins movie were prequels, so The Wolverine was the first continuation from the end of the trilogy. Perhaps lacking the scope of other superhero movies James Mangold’s Wolverine was a more intimate affair, but surprisingly it was all the better for it. Days Of Future Past also corrects some of the continuity faux pas from previous sequels, a decision that was intended from an early stage.

“It was absolutely a conscious thing that what we were doing was trying to set the continuity into a more coherent place. And that we would erase certain inconsistencies. And no matter what, we knew we were making a time travel movie that whatever happened in the past was going to ripple and have a butterfly effect on the future and obviously touch ‘X1,’ ‘X2,’ and ‘X3.’ As we were doing it, we were very careful and had a lot of long conversations — Bryan and I — about how much we want to redefine the world of ‘X1,’ ‘X2,’ and ‘X3.”

X-Men Days Of Future Past is out now in cinemas.