Video games have become part of the mainstream, and many businesses recognize the benefits of games. It increases hand-eye coordination, problem solving, relieves stress, and makes for a happy employee.

But did you know that video games are now being used to train professionals?

Simulator Games And Professionals

In the past few years, simulator games have been on the rise. Games like Surgeon Simulator, Farming Simulator, Truck Driver Simulator, and Goat Simulator have caught the public’s eye and led to many hilarious videos.

This trend though has had an impact on the business world, especially when it comes to training employees. Professions that have been using simulator games include: surgeons, military, police, engineers, architects, pilots, professional drivers, bodyguards, city planners and many others.

Surgeon Simulators

For example, surgeons have to be at their peak for their job or people die. Yet, how do you practice surgery without cutting into somebody? Many non medical jobs allow you time to warm up before tackling a difficult task, yet warming up for a medical professional is a scary thought.

Surgeons perform most of their surgeries looking at a computer monitor while having hands in the patient, so it’s a natural step to improve their hand-eye coordination with video games. Yet technology has gone a step further. More and more games are being created with the sole purpose of training surgeons and helping them “warm up.”

There are now tools like the RoSS™ Robotic Surgical Simulator, which helps train for complicated procedures that typically requires years of practice. Both medical students and seasoned professionals use this simulator to be comfortable with difficult procedures.

But surgeons don’t need huge simulator machines to get some practice. For example, there is a Wii U game called Underground, that comes with it’s own unique controller. It’s designed to assist with laparoscopic surgery skills, using a controller similar to the tools used in surgery. A great tool to warm up surgeons and practice their skills.

Not Playing at War

The medical field isn’t the only ones taking advantage of video games. The military has been researching video game tools for a long time, but including the recent advances in Virtual Reality technology, can train them even more.

Militaries are using VR technology to help soldiers have the proper responses in particularly dangerous situations. This includes simulations in flight, combat, medical, vehicles, and various emergency simulations. Imagine strapping on a parachute and having to safely return to the ground after ejecting from your fighter jet. With a complete parachute set up and a HMD (head mounted display) the military can train for that possibility, without blowing up a plane.

The best way to prepare for a situation is to place a recruit into a virtual model of a real life example. Some naval recruits are placed into simulations of iconic naval battles to train their team work and emergency responses.

Your Workplace

With more and more simulator games coming out every month, the likelihood of one for your profession grows. But simulator games aren’t the only way video games are affecting businesses.

Many businesses, like Credit Karma and similar tech companies that thrive on creativity, are supplying consoles and games for workers to play. With the proven benefits of video games on people, employers are trying to capitalize on creative and happy workers.

Does your workplace have a game console? Has a particular simulator game made an affect on your career choices? Share with us in the comments below.