So if you're a fan of BoxOfficeBuz, you probably have seen our many trailer and movie databases, reviews, articles, etc. Today we thought we would give a shoutout to a website dedicated specifically to that kind of thing, that we were thorougly impressed with.


What It Is: The Film Informant is basically a website dedicated to the advertising aspect of the movie industry. That is, it has trailers, movie posters, and other advertising materials that movies put out. It shows the movie portfolios of agencies, has its own award section and lists the top ten of the past week in a widget/sidebar.  It has a database of almost every movie released to date (and by this I do mean ever).



Why I love It: The site is very well designed, and all of it is very streamlined. It's simplistic, meaning that users can navigate through it very easily, and their rating system is very clear and very easy to figure out. They're also very frequent in updates, which makes most of us here at Buz, very very happy.


Why Ron Loves It: The site is designed to be very streamlined. Everything is rated, from the posters to the trailers and everything in between. The system and the database are really cool, very up-to-date, and the database is loaded with content.




Overall Impression: The website is very functional, up to date, and has a huge database. 


Rating: 4/5