If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and looking for up and coming artists. You also probably have a few qualms with YouTube's playlist system (i.e. it's not all right in front of you).

Tubeify is here to help you with all that, plus a few additional features.


What it is: Tubeify is a web interface that plays music videos from YouTube. Basically, it provides you with the option of searching through all available music videos including the versions from original artists as studio versions, live versions and even cover versions by other YouTube content creators. Since you also need an account for it, you can customize playlists just by dragging and dropping a specific song from your search results to a playlist in the sidebar. It also features multi-layer video searching so that if the default video for a song is broken or removed, you can search and replace it with another video. 



The layout of the site is pretty neat, and the homepage refers you to some of the bigger artists in your country or region. In the meanwhile, there is a lot of playing around you can do, and the content is pretty broad.


Why I Love It: This site is definitely very neat. It is easy to navigate and very functional. It gives you the option to buy the songs you like (though I've yet to fully try this out) and it is very streamlined in terms of its connection to YouTube.


But...this site does tend to have a lot of broken videos, and doesn't play videos that don't permit embedding. So far, membership is still invite only, you can get a membership by requesting an invitation from the site itself.


Overall Impression: This site is, overall, a very good way to listen to and sample music from artists you enjoy and have not yet encountered. If you're willing to get to know the layout, it's a pretty good site to turn to. 


Rating: 4/5