Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan's Solar Opposites will be returning to Hulu for a third season of out of this world comedy. Launching on Hulu last month, Solar Opposites quickly became the streaming platforms most-watched original series of all time. Hulu initially picked the madcap animated show up for a two-season order, but they are wasting no time in getting Roiland and the team working on new episodes.  

Roiland is perhaps best known as the co-creator and voices of Rick & Morty, while there are plenty of similarities between the two shows, Solar Opposites is more grounded in Earth than alternative realities. A group of four aliens crash land on Earth following the destruction of their planet, and they take a shine (mostly) to all of Earth's many delights. However, their mission is to ensure their sentient supercomputer (Pupa)survives to fulfil its destiny of terraforming the Earth to create a new homeworld.  However, the group can't quite decide if the Earth is brilliant, or the worst planet in the known galaxy.

All eight season one episodes debuted on Hulu on May 8, and within four days it was their most-watched original series. The good news is that both seasons two and three will be longer than the inaugural run with a reported twelve episodes apiece. At the time of writing, there are still no details on when or where Solar Opposites will be available in the UK. Hulu also picked up its other new animated offering Crossing Swords for a second season as part of its new push making adult-orientated animated shows. Meanwhile, the further adventures of Rick & Morty are shaping up nicely with Roiland recently confirming that work on the fifth season has been underway during the lockdown. Roiland even floated the idea of releasing new episodes every month to reduce the long gaps between seasons. 

UK fans can watch the first part of season 4 of Rick & Morty on Netflix now; the remaining five episodes will be released over the summer.