Following its disappointing opening weekend, Solo A Star Wars Story hasn't managed to build any momentum in its second weekend. Solo just about hung onto the top spot with an estimated $29 million for the weekend for a current US total of $148.8 million. After more than ten days in cinemas, Solo has yet to match the opening weekend of the previous Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One. To further highlight Solo's box office shortcomings, Rogue One had made more than $286 million (domestically) in the same amount of time.

The international box office frequently turns modest hits or misfires into blockbusters; this is not one of those frequent occasions. At the time of writing, Solo has a generated an underwhelming $115 million at the international box office with not many new territories to go, and its woes don't end there. Costing an estimated $250-300 million (before marketing), Solo is going to have a hard time breaking even theatrically. At this stage, it seems like a foregone conclusion that Solo will wind up losing money. Perhaps more significantly, it has proved that even a franchise like Star Wars doesn't guarantee a blockbuster.

New releases were thin on the ground with the three newbies doing slight business. Johnny Knoxville comedy Action Point fell flat with $2.3 million, Leigh Whannell's (Saw, Insidious) thriller Upgrade landed in sixth place with $4.4 million. Shailene Woodley survival drama Adrift emerged as the highest new entry, but it washed up a distant third with a modest $11.5 million.

Elsewhere in the US top ten, Deadpool 2 held its ground at second place with an estimated $23 million for its third weekend. The Ryan Reynolds led sequel is mere dollars away from cracking $600 million worldwide after just three weeks. Domestically, the Merc with a Mouth's second adventure is about $30 million behind the first movie, but the same international box office can't get enough of the sassy superhero. Speaking of superheroes, Avenger Infinity War will cross the $2 billion mark at the global box office before the week is out.