After a 17-year wait, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence finally reunited on the big screen for the long-delayed Bad Boys For Life. The belated sequel soared passed early box office predictions over the weekend with an estimated $67 million for the holiday weekend. The overperforming weekend has Sony thinking about a sequel, and they've tasked Bad Boys For Life co-writer Chris Bremner to draft the script. 

Naturally, Sony getting a writer to start working on a script is a long way from a go movie, but the opening weekend certainly suggests audiences would be up for more. When Joe Carnahan (The A-Team) was attached to direct there was talk of shooting a third and fourth film back-to-back. Sony even went as far as to set release dates, but that all came to nothing and they swiftly refocused to making one movie, eventually. Thankfully, the film that finally made it into cinemas is a fun action-comedy, and maybe the most enjoyable of all three. While that opinion might be debatable, Bad Boys For Life has generated the biggest opening weekend in the 25-year-old franchise.  

Bad Boys 4 isn't the only sequel that Chris Bremmer was recently hired to write. After years of silence, Disney might be ready to move forward with National Treasure 3 and has hired Bremmer to work on the script. Much like Bad Boys, the National Treasure franchise has remained dormant for 16 years despite its popularity. Could Bremmer be the person to crack the code and bring Nicolas Cage back to the big screen? Or at the very least a Disney+ series? Only time will tell, but the one thing we can be sure of is that Nicolas Cage has made a movie in the time it's taken you to read this article. 

Bad Boys For Life is out now in cinemas nationwide.