Sony has pushed the release date of the highly anticipated adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower by six months to allow more time to complete the complex visual effects. Instead of the previously announced February 17th, 2017 release date, The Dark Tower will now arrive in cinemas on July 28th, 2017.

Ordinarily, you might expect a big studio movie to pay through the teeth to rush the digital effects process to meet the deadline, but The Dark Tower is on a tight budget of just $60 million and Sony aren't prepared to splash out the extra cash.

News of the delay doesn't come as a complete shock, we've seen a few choice images of Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba, but we've yet to see so much as a teaser trailer. We all know that big studio movies like to start the marketing machine as early as possible, so it was something of an oddity that no promotional materials had surfaced.

Considering it has taken almost a decade to get The Dark Tower into production, another six months is a drop in the ocean, and the last thing we want is for the filmmakers to rush the all important finishing touches. Sony is keen to launch a new multi-platform franchise from The Dark Tower that includes an already in development TV series spin-off. However, all of Sony's grand plans are for nothing if the first movie doesn't measure up at the box office.  

Now that The Dark Tower is smack bang in the middle of the summer season, it will face still competition from Spider-Man: Homecoming, War for the Planet of the Apes and Christopher Nolan's wartime epic Dunkirk. In contrast, the original February slot only had Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick 2 as the biggest rivals for screens at the multiplex. 

The Dark Tower is released on July 28, 2017.