Sony has set release dates for two as yet unconfirmed Spider-Man Universe movies for 2020. According to Variety,  "An untitled Sony-Marvel project will hit theatres on July 10, 2020, with an untitled Sony-Marvel sequel following on Oct. 2."

Sony hasn't revealed the titles of the two films, but Variety speculates that the July release will be Morbius starring Jared Leto as the titular Living Vampire. Just like Venom, Morbius is another villainous anti-hero character struggling with an inner demon. Seeking to cure his rare and debilitating blood disease, famed biochemist Michael Morbius uses himself as a test subject for a cure that leaves him with Vampiric abilities, and an unquenchable bloodlust. Vowing not to hurt the innocent, Morbius becomes a reluctant force of by only feasting on the blood of the corrupt.

Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) is still attached to direct, and production is believed to start early in the new year. As to what the untitled Sony-Marvel sequel set for release on October 2 might be, well, there's only really two options. A sequel to the animated Into The Spider-Verse seems highly unlikely given the complexities of the animated process. So the only candidate is the most obvious, a sequel to surprise blockbuster Venom. I'm going to talk box office before wrapping up so if that's not for you the take-home here is Morbius, and Venom 2 are both (most likely) arriving in 2020.

Sony took a real creative gamble on not letting Marvel Studios in on Venom as they did with Spider-Man Homecoming as part of the agreement. I think the results in the quality of the respective films speak for themselves, but there is no ignoring how much money Venom has made. Domestically, more than $210 million, internationally more than $360 million, and the recent release in `China generated a monstrous $215 million. Put all that together and Venom his heading towards $800 million worldwide. Homecoming made $880 million globally on a $175 million production budget and was considered a big success. Venom has a more thrifty $100 million price tag so should yield a bigger return.

I can't claim to be much of a fan of the Venom movie that ended up in cinemas. I'm sure there is a better film available from all the material that was shot, but Venom is a deeply muddled offering that can flip from promising to botched in a single scene.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is released in cinemas on December 12.