Spider-Man Far From Home easily claimed the top spot at the US box office with a six-day launch of $185 million. The second solo adventure for Tom Holland's Peter Parker is feeling the Avengers Endgame effect around the world with a massive international debut of more than $395 million for a global opening week(end) of $580 million.

For perspective, Homecoming had the standard three day weekend back in 2017 debuting to $117 million. However, Homecoming had made $154 million domestically after six days, putting Far From Home a healthy $30 million ahead of the first Spider-Man solo movie for the MCU. Toy Story 4 dropped to second place in its third frame with $34 million for the weekend, so far Woody and his chums have generated almost $650 million worldwide. Danny Boyle's musical romantic comedy, Yesterday, held its ground at number three with $10.7 million for a current US total of $36 million. The high-concept comedy written by Richard Curtis might have fallen short of expectations for its opening weekend, but should the positive word of mouth continue it could yet be a summer sleeper hit.

After a disappointing start last week, Annabelle Comes Home dropped to fourth place with $9.7 million. The latest entry in The Conjuring Universe might have added main franchise stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, but that hasn't had the desired effect. Currently sitting on a modest $50 million domestically, Annabelle has frightened more than $84 million from the international box office. While $134 million after two weeks is still respectable, it has a long way to got even to match the $257 million the first Annabelle made, or the $306 million generated by Annabelle Creation.

Edging its way closer to the $1 billion club, Disney's live-action Aladdin has a global haul of $921 million, and Avengers Endgame is within touching distance of Avatar's all-time record. The recent re-release with "bonus footage" wasn't quite the event Disney had (or fans) were hoping for, but Endgame is now $16 million away from dethroning Avatar. Finally, Ari Aster follows last year's horror hit Hereditary with perhaps the most audacious horror of the year, Midsommar. Taking an estimated $10.9 million for its five-day weekend, Midsommar is the first horror since Jordan Peele's Us to be worthy of the hype.