The fourth season of Star Trek Discovery is mere days away from launching on Paramount+ in the US, and international fans would get their weekly helping of the acclaimed series via  Netflix. However, as Paramount has its new streaming service rolling out across the world in the coming months, Discovery will no longer be available on Netflix as of immediately. 

That's right, not only are Netflix subscribers not getting season four of the series, the previous three seasons have now been removed. When Star Trek Discovery debuted back in 2017, it was on CBS All Access, which wasn't available outside of America, meaning all the shows that CBS All Access were making had no fixed home outside of the US. So, TV shows like Star Trek Lower Decks and Picard found international homes on Amazon Prime. While it remains unclear if those shows will be pulled from  Amazon, it seems like a safe bet that the upcoming new seasons will debut on Paramount+.

Now, the question on the lips of all Discovery fans who don't live in America is when they will get to watch season 4? Well, as Paramount+ won't roll out until sometime next year, there is sadly no fixed release date and no answer that will satisfy fans. In these streaming times we live in, exclusive content is a valuable commodity when driving new subscribers, and Paramount+ will be the home for all things Star Trek. I say this as a fan, but this is a profoundly ill-conceived decision made at the worst possible time; aside from the fact that Netflix fronted a substantial part of the production budget for Discovery's latter seasons, it means that fans will have to shell out for another streaming service to watch new episodes.

There is also the small matter of international fans now having to avoid spoilers for the next few months while we wait for Paramount+ to launch. I don't know about you, but I have a wealth of reckless friends sharing fan theories on most sci-shows, and that's before the clickbait headlines like "Star Trek Discovery star talks massive plot twist". I'm a big fan of the show, but this is a bitter pill to swallow this close to the launch of a new season.