We might have to wait a good long while before Picard, Discovery, and the recently announced spin-off Strange New Worlds to return, but we'll be getting a brand new Star Trek animated series next month. Created by Mike McMahan (Solar Opposites), Star Trek Lower Decks goes where no official Star Trek series has gone before, focused on the crew members on the lower decks. CBS All Access has revealed that the first season will launch on August 6 with new episodes landing weekly throughout its ten-episode first run. Speaking to Slash Film earlier this year Mike McMahan perfectly summarised the tone and style that Lower Decks is aiming for, and it sounds hilarious. 

“I’m never gonna write a serious Star Trek, so the way that we handled it is it’s on a ship that isn’t the capital ship. It’s not about the bridge crew. It’s about the lowest officers on that ship. But when we’re breaking stories for the lower decks, every episode also has a proper Star Trek episode that’s happening to the bridge crew, and our lower deckers aren’t involved in it. However, you can’t have a big sci-fi thing happening on a starship and not have it effect them because that’s their whole world. So if you’re watching Lower Decks, you’re getting a full Star Trek episode from the perspective of people who are having their own social and emotional stories and their own sci-fi stories, but they just aren’t on the bridge. They don’t have the information the bridge is getting, and they don’t have the responsibility.”

Lower Decks was initially picked up for a two-season order when CBS announced the series back in 2018. Production shifted to remote working following the pandemic, and McMahan is already hard a work writing the second season. There are no details yet on when the show will arrive in the UK, but we'll be sure to keep you posted. 

Star Trek Lower Decks will be streaming weekly episodes on CBS All Access from August 6.