The release of the long-awaited new Star Wars movie was always going to break some records, but The Force Awakens has surpassed all expectations to land the biggest US opening weekend of all time. Powered by a massive $57 million from midnight showings, The Force Awakens has taken an unprecedented $238 million (estimated) in North America alone. 

Earlier this year Jurassic World set a new benchmark for an opening weekend when it roared its way to a $208 million launch. While you could say it was something go a given that Star Wars would have no problem besting Jurassic World, Disney has been cautious over their estimations in the run up to release. In part the conservative predictions were down to not knowing what the nostalgia factor was worth, the other contributing element is Dinsey not want to appear overconfident by setting a high estimate. Had Disney put a figure of $300 million out there then this colossal haul would seem like it fallen short of expectations. Only in Hollywood. 

Around the rest of the world, Star Wars dominated the box office in every major territory with an estimated International total of $279 million. The Force Awakens has a global opening total of more than half a billion dollars after barely four days in cinemas, watch out James Cameron as your reign as king of the box office is about to be seriously challenged.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in cinemas now.