Six months ago, I would have been the first to say... "YOU HAVE TO GET THIS GAME!" I truly enjoyed the immersive character story and the PvP arenas but the development team made so many mistakes in ignoring the community that the game which cost a bundle to create started to lose players at an alarming rate including me.

The move to Free to Play can only be a good thing for Star Wars The Old Republic because it is a good game and the server I was on had an amazing PvP community that would have fun and always have each others back. Although I'm now enjoying another MMO at the moment (immensely) I can't say enough just how much I loved Star Wars The Old Republic on launch, if only they had listened to the community, hopefully they've learned from the mistakes of the past.

Lets face it, the game is free to play... you may as well give it a try, I can tell you now even if you don't love the MMO content, you will find yourself rolling many characters just to navigate through their individual stories.

Check out the new video feature on Cartel coins the new currency introduced for the F2P generation!


Today we are excited to announce that the global launch date of theStar Wars™: The Old Republic™ Free-to-Play option will be November 15, 2012. This release will be simultaneous across all of the territories and countries where The Old Republic™ is available. The new Free-to-Play option allows gamers to experience all of the class storylines through to Level 50, the current level cap, at no charge and introduces the new Cartel Market!

Any paying subscribers at the launch of the Free-to-Play option on November 15th will be granted all of the Complimentary Cartel Coins currently listed on the Cartel Coin Ledger page, plus a one-time grant of 250 Complimentary Cartel Coins!

Additionally, the Rewards Program has been extended! All former subscribers who reactivate their subscription by the new date of December 20, 2012 at 11:59am CDT will be granted Complimentary Cartel Coins for their prior paid months up to November 15, 2012.

For more information on all of the rewards you could potentially receive and the Free-to-Play option visit

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