Stephen Amell will be hanging up his bow later this year when CW's Arrow comes to an end with a ten-episode final season. However, speaking at MegaCon, Amell has confirmed that we might not have seen the last of him as Oliver Queen.

"I owe so much to them. So if five years from now they're wrapping up Show X and they were like, 'You know what would be the cherry on top of the sundae? Would you come back?' What am I going to say? 'No?

It's a shitty idea that I'd say no. You do what you can. I owe a lot to people, so if they need something from me, they can always have it."

Thanks to the ongoing success of Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and the newly commissioned Batwoman, there are plenty of opportunities for Amell to suit up for a guest spot in the future. While that might offer some solace to fans of Arrow, it will likely only be for the annual event crossover, or as Amell suggests, when a show is coming to an end. As we are on the subject of endings, there's the small matter of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event coming later this year.

Based on the 1985 comic book limited series, the stakes in Infinite Earths have never been higher with many iconic characters meeting an untimely end. In many ways, Infinite Earths could be dubbed an Endgame of sorts for the CW's DC Universe with many former cast members set to return for an appearance thanks to the addition of the multiverse; even deceased characters could make a comeback.

Arrow returns to The CW along with the rest of the Arrowverse in October.