According to actor and all-round gifted storyteller Stephen Tobolowsky, a Groundhog Day TV series is in development at Sony. Tobolowsky famously played Ned Ryerson in the original 1993 movie (BING!), and speaking on The Production Meeting Podcast he has revealed that he's been asked to appear in a potential sequel TV series.

“There’s talk about a Groundhog Day series in the works. One of the producers – I was working on The Goldbergs or [the spin-off series] Schooled, one of those shows over on the Sony lot, and one of the producers saw me and goes, ‘Oh, Stephen! Stephen! We’re working on a Groundhog Day TV show. Could you be Ned for the TV show?’ I go, ‘Sure. Yeah. No problem.’…But it’s Ned thirty years later. What has his life become?”

Starring Bill Murray as misanthropic TV weatherman Phil Connors, Groundhog Day finds Murray reliving the same day over and over again, much to his dismay. I think we can all agree that Murray reprising his role in a significant way is unlikely to happen, maybe a cameo at a push if he likes the idea or the people making the show. However, what is much more plausible is somebody else becoming stuck in the same Punxsutawney time-loop. Murray did reprise the role earlier this year in a Jeep Superbowl commercial, so that cameo could be a distinct possibility if the series happens. 

As to what the sequel series could be about, we might have already had that answered in a roundabout manner. Last year,  a virtual reality game was released titled Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son (you see where this is going), in that Phil's son finds himself in Punxsutawney and trapped reliving Groundhog Day over and over again. Could the series follow Phil Jr following in his father's footsteps? It's certainly a possibility, but for now, we should take the news with a pinch of salt until Sony announces something official. If you're a fan of legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky, head on over to wherever you get your podcasts from and give The Tobolowsky Files a listen, he has hundreds of stories from his years in the business.