With Netflix renewing shows for second seasons and new shows coming out every month it is hard to figure out what to watch and what to toss by the wayside. So ....with my love for all thing creepy and supernatural I present to you a Netflix original : Stranger Things. Set for release on the 15th July 2016 this is going to be one series I will have my eyes glued to.

The basic story revolves around Winona Ryder's character who will lose her son. When I say lose I mean he disappears into thin air. This sets off a hunt for the missing boy. Along the way, there will be supernatural encounters, top secret science experiments as well as a very scary little girl. It already sounds like a wonderful X-files/ Supernatural mix. The series is set to pay homage to the 1980's, in both the way the series will be shot as well as the feel of the series.

Stranger Things ... like creepy dolls ?

Stranger Things will be directed by Shawn Levy , who is best known for his work on Night at the Museum and the comedy The Internship. He will be joined Matt and Ross Duffer, brothers who were responsible for 2015's Hidden. I do hope that they do a better job with Stranger Things and that they can give us all the chills and thrills we could hope for while still giving a strong plot. Stranger Things was set to be called Montauk , after the area in Indiana where the series is set .

Are there any upcoming Netflix series you are looking forward to?  Comment below and let's have a Netflix comment war on what you should be watching this year.