There is still a couple of months to wait before the highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things, but Netflix has just handed out an early renewal for a third season. In a recent interview with Vulture, series creators The Duffer Brothers confirmed that a third season is happening and hinted that the fourth season would likely be the last.

"We're thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out."

There is the temptation with huge hits like Stranger Things to keep the show going as long as possible, so it's refreshing to hear that The Duffer Brothers have a particular story to tell over a set amount of time. The only thing worse than a great TV series that's taken too soon is one that overstays its welcome. The Brothers also jested that they would struggle to "justify something bad happening to them [the characters] once a year", and that "they're going to have to get the f**k out of this town!" I don't care how Spielbergian the fictional town of Hawkins might be, after the third or fourth supernatural occurrence I'm going to be seriously considering a move. I hear great things about Derry in Maine.

In a separate interview, The Duffer Brothers revealed that they originally pitched the show to Netflix as an anthology series.

"There is some truth to that [about it originally being an anthology show]. Yeah. That was when we were pitching it. That was true. Cause we looked at Stephen King's IT, and we liked that time jump that they made, so we kind of pitched that. Then Netflix was really interested in it as a series, because rightfully so. They were like, I think people are going to fall in love with these kids. We are going to invest so much time with them, we're going to want to continue our journey with them.And they were right. Once we started building a writers room and working on the show, we started to develop it and plan a multiple season arc."

While I'm still intrigued by the idea of a sci-fi/horror anthology series with a strong retro vibe, I wouldn't trad it for the further adventures of the Stranger Things gang. That said, maybe a season five could focus on new characters in a new town, or if you're willing to wait, an IT style twenty-five years later reunion for the original cast.

All nine episodes of Stranger Things 2 will be available on Netflix from October 27.