In the latest episode of season 5 Arrow, Team Arrow lost another of their members. Wait right there; close it and watch the latest episode first because there are some serious spoilers ahead. Now that I have warned you, now I can talk about it without any guilt. So in the latest episode, we lost another team Arrow member, but no that member is not dead or going out of the show, that Team Arrow member was stripped of all powers in the latest episode which led to such a decision.

Losing characters or team members is nothing new for the Arrow TV series. From the very first season, the series has been losing one of its characters every season; so it should not come to us as a surprise anymore. But it makes us really sad to see Oliver who was first betrayed by one of his new recruits Evelyn, and now Rory or the Ragman has become powerless thus deciding on quitting the team. Speaking of Oliver, Stephen Amell is trying hard along with the producers of the show to restore the show to its former glory. After such scintillating first and second season, Arrow show lost its track completely which created a huge resentment among the viewers of the show.

Everything about the third and fourth season was wrong. From trying to make Arrow, CW’s Batman to just wasting so much screen time on Olicity, the third and fourth season disappointed us. But from the very beginning of the season 5, they are trying heart and soul to bring the show back on track, and I will have to admit that the show is doing so far so well. From Oliver trying to change his ways by being more patient and optimistic from his usual paranoia stricken behavior to the inclusion of Talia Al Ghul and the depiction of the Villain Prometheus, everything is going all too well.

Now coming back to the matter at hand, in the present episode the Team Arrow flies to Russia to put an end to the activities of General Walker who after being exposed in episode 11 for framing John Diggle has fled to Russia to sell some nuclear missiles to the Markovian terrorists. Thus, team Arrow has to intervene since the A.R.G.U.S cannot take any step without creating a diplomatic crisis with Russia. The episode beautifully connects the flashbacks with the present times, and it depicts the emotions and feelings of the cast members beautifully. But sadly Ragman aka Rory damages his holy rag in an attempt to save the team members from a nuclear blast since the same rag that was given to him by his father protected him during the nuclear apocalypse in Heaven rock in season 4. As his rage gets damaged and stopped working, he decides to quit the team since he has now power without his rags. But that does not the end of the character in the show, we will see more from him, and maybe he will again join the show. But for now nothing can be said, so just wait and let see how the season unfolds.