It's the teen TV show that took hormones and sexuality and boosted it to the next level. Yes the metaphors are here for body changes, sexual desires and a whole host of teen dramas but it's the shroud of the supernatural that makes this show truly excellent. That and the young actors that portray the characters on screen.

The thing is, in later seasons most spend their time practically naked and that's no bad thing. Along with the hot female cast comes a whole host of fit young and older men showing off their nipples, rippling abs and bulging... muscles. This one's for the girls and the boys as we celebrate the hotties of Teen Wolf.

You can pick up Teen Wolf Seasons 1 to 5 on DVD in the UK Now and it's a show we highly recommend that you check out. 

Colton Haynes (Jackson)

Ian Bohen (Peter Hale)

Cody Christian (Theo)

Dylan O'Brien (Stiles)

Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale)

Tyler Posey (Scott)

While they boys are top quality it doesn't detract from the shows great story arcs and action packed adventures. From the utterly mundane to the life saving antics of Stiles and Scott, there's nothing this crew can't do. Relationships, sexuality, sex, violence and rock n roll. This show has it all. 

For the hardened horror/fantasy nuts out there it even has a few decent gore filled scenes in later seasons.

Do yourself a favour and catch up today if not for the above but do it for this.