Terminator Genisys might just have the last laugh thanks to a massive $27.4 million opening day from its release in China. Genisys is the first American movie released in China since they opted only to release homegrown movies over the summer. While this has likely played a role in the successful launch, the bottom line is that the opening day in China outstripped the entire US opening weekend.

Earlier this month, Paramount were cagey about what the lackluster domestic box office meant for the two planned sequels. Like many a movie these days, the fate of a franchise often rests in the hands of the international box office. Currently, outside of the US Genisys has made a robust $264 million, had the domestic total been around the $150 million mark then a sequel would be a no brainer. On the up side, the international totaliser for Genisys has now surpassed the $250 million that Terminator Salvation managed back in 2009. 

As US distributors only get to keep a quarter of the gross from the Chinese release, so Genisys has a fair way to go before Paramount see a noticeable increase in their balance sheets. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I didn’t mind Genisys and found it rather entertaining for what it was. Easily better than the last two sequels, the marketing company ruined a massive plot twist in the trailers that should have been reserved for the ticket buyers. I could happily live out the remainder of my years without another Terminator sequel, but we’re kidding ourselves if we think we have seen the last of the war against the machines. A new TV series is still in active development, so even if Terminator is obsolete as a movie franchise, it could live on in another format.