Netflix has commissioned a sequel to their self described blockbuster The Christmas Chronicles. According to Netflix, the Kurt Russell led movie had more than 20 million streams in its first week and has remained of one their most requested original film. After serving as a producer on the first film, Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Harry Potter) is reportedly stepping into the director's chair to helm his first Christmas movie since Home Alone 2. 

Released last November, The Christmas Chronicles told the tale of two siblings attempting to capture Santa on camera, but end up going on a wild adventure to save Christmas. While that might sound like the plot of a Lifetime Movie, I'm not going to lie to you; The Christmas Chronicles is a ruddy enjoyable romp for all ages.

For reasons too complicated to get into, I once took up the challenge of watching two Christmas movies a week for an entire year. One part bet, one part bizarre experiment, either way, my tolerance for bad Christmas films is pretty high, and as a result, the threshold for what I consider an awful movie has been recalibrated. Ben Affleck's woeful Surviving Christmas isn't so bad once you've watched Jingle All The Way 2, Home Alone 5, Jack Frost (the Michael Keaton one), and Santa with Muscles. 

The Christmas Chronicles was by no means a bad movie, it was ok, aimed at the family crowd it had enough lighthearted shenanigans to be entertaining. However, what earned its place in my annual rotation of festive viewing was Kurt Russell as Santa. Injecting warmth, wit, and a dash of action hero cool, Russell as Santa was an intoxicating mixture that worked out a treat. I won't spoil it, but there's a perfect little cameo at the end of the movie who might be back for the sequel. 

Production is due to start late this year; no exact release date has been confirmed, but sometime in the runup to Christmas 2020 seems like a safe bet.