It seems like 90's bands are as pissed off with the current state of music as the rest of their fans are. The Corrs are the latest in a long line of 90's acts to reform to remind audiences just what talent is and they're not starting out in bars, they're picking up where they left off in an arena full of appreciative fans willing to cheer and sing along to music that has melody, harmony and lyrics that kick you in the nuts and make the feels come hard.

It may have been over 10 years but Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim are back with new songs and fully loaded classics to get the crowd roaring to life.

The thing about The Corrs, is when the pop scene exploded in the 90's this Irish group brought calm to the waters providing pop/folk music of a calibre that allowed older audiences to get involved but also allowed angsty teens to grow up slowly.

It also helped that the sisters in the family were hot, Andrea Corr has one of those voices of a generation and that voice stands the test of time. The Corrs in 2016 on stage is like taking a step back in time, you've changed, they've changed but the vocals, the music it's the same and it brings back all those fond memories of when loved ones were still about and the times before the world forced you to grow up... at least for me anyway.

The songs that had us singing along back in the late 90's still has crowds going today. "Never Loved You Anyway", "Runaway", "Queen Of Hollywood", "Radio" and "So Young" to name but a few still ring true with lyrics that burrow deep and resonate to this day. Only this time around they might mean something completely different as loves have been lost, found and discarded.

The world changes but songs like these; like moments in your life, leave a mark and that's something to be proud of.

The Corrs in 2016 are as good as they have ever been if not better. The haunting vocals of Andrea lead the way for spine tingling solos that pierce the soul. The show may have started rather rigidly but it didn't take long for Caroline, Sharon, Jim and Andrea to bring on the smiles as the audience they knew all those years ago showed they were still with them to the bitter end.

The White Light tour was an unforgettable treat that proved talent and song writing prowess is a craft long forgotten in the mainstream but with groups like this making a resurgance, who knows, maybe the battle for Christmas #1 and the excitement that surrounded the charts back before X-Factor fucked things up will return with a vengeance. All it needs is a coordinated attack from The Corrs and a few other groups who believe in music that moves and inspires.

The Corrs continue the White Light Tour in Glasgow on Tue, 26 Jan, Dublin 28th Jan and Belfast on the 29th Jan. Do yourself a favour and bring the past into the future because it's well worth it.

Pick up The Corrs latest album "White Light" today! This is one concert I'd buy on CD.... and wow these siblings look damn good considering the youngest is 41 and the oldest is 50! Such energy, such wow! Amazing!