The fallout of Relativity filling for bankruptcy continues to ripple through its in-development projects. Despite early indications that Relativity planned to move forward with The Crow remake, the movie has been dealt another blow with reports that production has been suspended

Multiple sources have confirmed that production crew have now left their base at Pinewood Cardiff where the bulk of the filming was due to take place. These same reports are also citing that The Crow is still very much alive and will be exploring all possible options to get the movie back on track. Currently, director Corin Hardy is still onboard even though the remake is still without a leading man to play Eric Draven. Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire) was the latest actor to drop out and since then it has all gone a bit quiet on the casting front. Andrea Riseborough is still attached to star as the villainous Top Dollar, but that could very well change given all the behind the scenes upheaval.  

Ordinarily, I would try to be diplomatic about this type of news but it is starting to look like The Crow reboot might be best left alone. I’m a big fan of the original cult movie and James O’Barr’s haunting comic book, but all theses production problems before a single frame has been shot isn't an encouraging sign. Maybe the producers should take that as some form of hint from the cosmos. 

In the interest of impartiality, Hardy’s version of The Crow has made it further in development terms than the previous attempts. Had Relativity not filled for bankruptcy who knows what might have happened. At this stage, it remains unclear if Relativity will be forced to sell The Crow to another distributor to pay off some of its vast debt. Given that they are seeking buyers for an array of completed and in development projects, The Crow could still fly at another studio.