This article contains minor spoilers for seasons one and two of The Following, you have been warned.

The third season of Kevin Williamson’s The Following has added a new main character in the shape of Michael Early, the former Almost Human star will feature as the new main villain for Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) to track down and obsess over. So what does this mean for James Purefoy’s Joe Carroll? After the events of the season two finale, the dynamic between cop and killer has changed dramatically with Joe finally being brought to justice. As Purefoy is already confirmed as featuring in the forthcoming season, we know we haven’t seen the last of him. Deadline describe Ealy’s role in The Following as “a brilliant, chameleon-like killer who will push Ryan Hardy to the brink.” Having watched both seasons myself I’m not sure there is much room to push poor Ryan Hardy any further to the brink, he’s been to the brink, got the novelty mug clawed his way back home had a quick rest before being taken to the brink again for an extended stay. 

The first season of The Following was addictive with the nail biting tension between the two well matched leads, Bacon as the haggard cop chasing Purefoy’s crazed serial killer/leader of a cult made for great TV. However, season two dropped the ball with a less immediate story and the introduction of lots of new characters. What once felt like a strong drama grounded in some kind of reality was replaced with over-sensationalised plots, I stuck with it and the final three episodes claw back some credibility and push the characters into new territory.   

Diversifying his portfolio of TV shows, creator Kevin Williamson’s new series Stalker recently got picked up for a full season order despite some highly negative reviews. The ratings told a different story with more than 9 million viewers watching the pilot episode back in October. 

The Following is due to return early in the new year.