The Invisible man materialised a better than expected opening weekend with an estimated $29 million. Starring Elisabeth Moss, the new take on the classic Universal thriller was written and directed by Leigh Whannall (Saw, Upgrade) and produced by horror guru Jason Blum (The Purge, Halloween). Scoring rave reviews for the story and another powerful performance from Moss, The Invisible Man took more than $20 million internationally giving the horror-thriller a global opening of almost $50 million. 

Costing just $7 to make, The Invisible Man is already well on its way to being a monster hit. Coming in second place, Sonic The Hedgehog is showing strong legs, adding another $16 million to its domestic tally, Sonic has amassed more than $128 million after three weeks. The international box office is proving to be just as robust with more than $137 million; Sonic should pass the $300 million globally by the end of the week. I'm sure Paramount executives are already working on putting a sequel together. 

Disney's release of Fox's Call of the Wild dropped to third, Harrison Ford stars in an adaption of the iconic book with a running total of more than $45 million. A hefty price tag of $135 million means Call of the Wild will need to overperform to reach a breakeven point. So far, the international box office has been underwhelming with $33 million taken since release. After a less than expected opening weekend, Birds of Prey continues to struggle to build momentum, the Margot Robbie led spin-off from Suicide Squad has made $78 million domestically, and $109 million internationally. While it's not what Warner Bros were expecting, the movie has been mostly well-received by critics and audiences. Regardless of its performance, we'll see Robbie as Harley-Quinn again next year in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

After a successful limited release, The Impractical Jokers Movie expanded and broke into the top five with more than $3.5 million for the weekend. Based on the long-running Comedy Central series of the same name, the movie has grossed more than $6 million since its release last week. Finally, after three terrible weeks, Universal's big-budget Dolittle has left the top ten. Robert Downey Jr's first post-Marvel movie was by all accounts, a complete dud with reported loses of more than $100 million.