Oh Dear, the end of 2012 was filled with bloggers expressing their boredom when it came to the posters that adorned cinema foyers last year. From the airbrushed right through to the ones that seemed to look like the same film when sat next to one and other.

It seems 2013 holds no new ground for Studiocanal as the first poster for The Last Exorcism Part 2 makes itself known. If the devil truly is at work, he has indeed made one of the ugliest and unimaginative pieces of movie poster art to ever grace the movie poster circuit.

The Last Exorcism was a surprise hit back in 2010, when Eli Roth came along with the cast of the film to Frightfest in order to share the film with horror fans before its release, he had to explain what had actually been created and for me, if you're a producer having to explain the concept and what the audience should have 'understood' you've failed in your ultimate goal when it comes to film making. When all was explained I loved The Last Exorcism but not everyone gets the opportunity to have Eli Roth, the PT Barnum of Frightfest telling you what we should have seen. Even if there was a line of bodyguards between him and the great unwashed at the time.

The Last Exorcism Part II once again centres on Nell (Ashley Bell) as she tries to build a new life after the events of the first film. The force that plagued her returns with a sinister plan...

Although after the ending of the first film, how on earth did Nell end up trying to build a new life in the outside world? Here's the poster... am I being harsh or does the church need to start barraging this thing with super soakers filled to the brim with holy water?