Barely a week since Spider-Man Far From Home became Sony's highest-grossing movie of all time, Marvel Studios and Sony have failed to reach terms to extend their deal of sharing Spider-Man. Talks started earlier this year to extend the contract that began with Tom Holland's Peter Parker being introduced in Captain America Civil War.

According to Deadline, Disney wanted a straight 50/50 co-financing agreement with Sony and an equal share of the profits on all Spider-Man related properties. However, Sony turned that offer down and reportedly didn't come back with a counteroffer. Spider-Man Far From Home has generated more than $1.1 billion worldwide, in part, it benefitted hugely by following Endgame, and co-starring MCU mainstay, Samuel L Jackson. Such gracious scheduling and access to the roster of MCU characters might be a thing of the past now the historic deal has ended. Have we seen the last of Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the MCU?

While it is somewhat questionable that Disney wants a bigger slice of the Spider-Man cake, they've had five movies that made more than $1 billion worldwide this year, they don't need the money. That said, MCU producer Kevin Feige knows what he's doing, and he was a big reason why both Homecoming & Far From Home worked where Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 stumbled. Kevin Feige has a lot of new characters to play with after the Fox deal saw the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool all join the MCU ranks, but Spider-Man is said to be his personal favourite.

As to what a Marvel Studios-free Spider-Man might look like, well, we've had two Spider-Man related offshoots from Sony in the last year that didn't have any input from Feige. The limitlessly inventive Into The Spider-Verse was a home run, so much so that it won an Academy Award for Best Animated Film. Then we have Venom, it was different I'll give them that, and it made a surprisingly large amount of money. But it wasn't even close to being as good as Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3, oh I went there. On the upside, Andy Serkis has been hired to direct Venom 2, which is a string of words I never expected to type. 

Sony is already at work expanding the Spider-Man universe, in addition to Venom 2 there's Morbis starring Jared Leto, Kraven The Hunter, and the previously shelved Sinister Six is reportedly back on the table. From a business sense, Sony's decision to go it alone with its biggest asset has some logic. However, by cutting its connection to the MCU and super-producer Kevin Feige, it sure is a bold gamble.  Director Jon Watts is attached to two further Spider-Man sequels that will continue the adventures of Tom Holland's web-slinger, I'm sure we'll find out soon when the next movie will be hitting cinemas.