The second spin-off from The Conjuring has scared up a franchise-best for the horror series with The Nun haunting a massive $53.5 million from US audiences.

Directed by Corin Hardy (The Hallow),  the 1950s set chiller offers a suitably grim origin story for the demon Valak, as seen initially in The Conjuring 2. Billed as "The Darkest Chapter in The Conjuring Universe", the spin-off has already generated $131 million worldwide in just one weekend. While horror movies tend to be front-loaded at the box office, both Annabelle films showed surprising longevity making a combined $560 million worldwide. Costing a thrifty $22 million to make, The Nun is already a hit, and news of a sequel can't be far away.

Speaking of franchise-bests, Mission Impossible Fallout hit a plethora of milestones over the weekend. Currently sitting on $725 million worldwide, Fallout is officially Tom Cruise's biggest hit worldwide, and it's now the highest grossing Mission Impossible movie to date. After two weeks of breaking records, Crazy Rich Asians dropped to second place with an estimated weekend of $13.6 million giving it a current domestic total of $136 million. The acclaimed romantic comedy begins its rollout around the rest of the world in the next few weeks, starting with the UK on September 14.

Taken director Pierre Morel helms the Jennifer Garner led action-thriller Peppermint which came in third place with $13.2 million. Social media thriller Searching dropped to fifth place for a running total of $14 million. The low-budget film starring John Cho (Star Trek) has been receiving unanimous praise for its timely subject matter, and it's well earned. After a month of devouring the box office, The Meg edges closer to a global haul of $500 million. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge that nobody on earth expected a giant shark movie with Jason Statham to make half a billion dollars, but I love the fact that is precisely what has happened.