It is really hard to shoot a fantasy film and have it not come out cliché or cheesy. Especially since, with each fantasy movie that comes out, the expectations change. It is still a developing genre. One of the ways most directors try to get away with using a generic story line is by turning it into a comedy. You see this done with every genre. It’s easier to get away with a lot more if it is done in a comedic way.  The Princess Bride obviously takes a different route.

The first time you watch the movie; the scenes with the grandfather and the boy may seem unnecessary, and perhaps even a bit annoying. You’re really getting into the story and he interrupts you to bring you out of it.  Upon second look you see that this is necessary.

The actual story line, though good, is not solid enough to stand on its own. The audience needs to be pulled away from the main story at times, so that they do not feel as if the story is too stretched out. This is also the reason that this movie ages well. You can watch it later and it isn’t any more cheesy than it was when it first came out, and that is because the audience is pulled out of the main story at just the right time, and is told that this is simply a children’s tale.