Fans of The Walking Dead are still waiting for a conclusion to the tenth season of the long-running series as work on the finale had to be shut down due to the pandemic. Producer Greg Nicotero (who also directs the finale) spoke to Entertainment Weekly and revealed the episode's post-production hadn't been completed by the time the industry went on lockdown. Owing to the nature of TV, The Walking Dead was due to deliver its season 10 finale three weeks before the broadcast date, which they were unable to complete.

"When you're in post-production, you have to edit the episode, then you do sound effects, and then you do music, and then visual effects, and then colour timing to make sure all the colours in all the scenes match, and then you have to do a quality check to make sure nothing is messed up.

So there are all these steps that have to happen, and generally speaking, the way our production schedule works is, those happen up to about three weeks before the episode airs. So we were really on our way to the finish line when things started slowing down because of the stay-at-home work order. So we just missed that window. It wasn't that the effects were delayed or anything was delayed. It was just the delivery of the episode was set to be delivered at a specific date, and we had to shut down before they hit that date."

Meanwhile, the world of The Walking Dead continues to expand, Fear The Walking Dead returns for its sixth season later this year, Rick Grimes will return for a movie offshoot, and the latest spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond is set to launch later this year. The Walking Dead season 10 finale will land on AMC over the summer; we'll be sure to let you know when there's a fixed date.