Harvey and Bob Weinstein are developing more of their hit movies into potential Television  shows in a bid to give “stability to the company. In addition to producing numerous original TV projects which include a 10 episode series about the Ten Commandments and an ancient Egypt set drama called “Book of the Dead”, the Weinsteins plan on developing small screen versions of The Mist and Sin City.

Talking to the New York Times, Harvey Weinstein said “The way to add stability to the company is to be in the television business.” he added that their plans were to build a portfolio “as powerful as the theatrical division”. This echoes recent announcement from Sony Pictures to down size its movie output and enhance their television operation, The Weinstein Company are hoping the brand recognition of some of their more successful movies will help boost their TV takeover.

Although no details have been given for the Sin City series Harvey is optimistic that it will follow hot on the heels of the August release of the long awaited sequel, A Dame To Kill For. Nothing has been confirmed but one would expect both Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez to be involved in some capacity, they reunite as co-directors for the sequel and the potential series is expected to fold into the existing cinematic world.

Stephen King’s The Mist was expertly handled by Frank Darabont and still stands as one of the most shocking horror movies in recent memory, Darabont is reportedly onboard to develop the ten part one off series and after successfully bringing The Walking Dead to huge acclaim before leaving his role as showrunner after the first season. Call it my love of both Sin City and The Mist but I quite like the idea of these being adapted for TV, the technology is cheap enough now to make the visual style of Sin City more than transferable but I surely hope that they don’t change a thing about that ending for The Mist. A pilot episode for Scream has already been ordered so it looks like The Weinstein Company is determined to make their mark and make up for lost time.