Taika Waititi is returning to the MCU to write and direct the as-yet-untitled fourth Thor movie. Up until now (except for The Avengers), Marvel has mainly stuck to trilogies for their franchises with the potential for the characters to appear in other movies. Breaking the mould with Thor makes complete sense as unlike other original Avengers, Thor's story isn't over yet.

Kenneth Branagh did a fantastic job with the first Thor making what could have been inherently silly into a Shakespearian drama with big set pieces. However, after a successful appearance in The Avengers, Thor's second solo adventure was one of the last creative bumps in the MCU. The Dark World might have made more money than its predecessor, but it was undeniably less enjoyable. On a side note, all these years on and its inaccuracies over how many stops it is from Charing Cross to Greenwich still haunts me. When Thor is sent hurling during the final battle, he ends up on the London Underground at Charing Cross. He asks a passenger how many stops it is to Greenwich; she informs him that it is three stops. Google it, it's more than three, and I'm not the only fan that this has bothered.

Thankfully Marvel compensated for the sins of The Dark World with the left-field yet utterly inspired decision to hire Taika Waititi for Ragnarok. Not only is Ragnarok the best of the Thor movies (so far), it remains one of my overall favourite entries in the MCU. Waititi is the perfect fit for Thor and gave the franchise a breath of fresh air with its buddy comedy antics.

Chris Hemsworth has made no secret of his desire to keep playing Thor as long as Marvel is keeping things interesting for the character. Thor has gone on quite the journey that started in Ragnarok, and we've seen his character evolve over Infinity War and Endgame. Thanks to a mighty tease in Endgame, we might see Thor show up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, but James Gunn has yet to confirm if The God of Thunder is part of the team.

While Taika Waititi helming another Thor movie is great news it does come at the expense of a passion project. A live-action take of classic Manga Akira was on the fast-track with Warner Bros, in recent weeks the project ran into production problems and according to Deadline "has been shelved".  There is always the possibility that once he's finished on Thor he might revisit Akira, but that seems unlikely at this stage.