Hey, friends. Hope you all had a good (extendended) weekend. My weekend was crazy busy but I only just now realized it's not Monday. Because I took some days off, let's jump right into what we missed.

Fans of Dungeons & Dragons will like this piece about life lessons learned from the game.

Sherlock will continue until Benedict Cumberbatch is too famous, which might be soon.

Seth Meyers will be on SNL for only two more episodes. And it's official: Amy Poehler will be his first guest on Late Night.

NBC surprised a lot of people by giving Parks and Recreation an early renewal for a seventh season.

And while we're talking about Parks and Rec and Amy Poehler, NBC is staying in the business of Poehler, giving her an overall deal and a pilot order for her series starring Natasha Lyonne.

Jennifer Lawrence will always be charming.

Here's a new TV-spot for The LEGO Movie:

Wil Wheaton wrote an amazing blog post about depression.

Any serious music fans will enjoy this footage from an old TV show about CBGB that never aired.

If you didn't watch SNL over the weekend, catch up on Hulu today because Drake did a really great job and Sasheer Zamata impressed me (as I knew she would).

Trent Reznor will, unsurprisingly, score David Fincher's next movie, Gone Girl.

I would be up for more Felicity or Alias.

Saturday Night Live has a new web series:

B.J. Novak is working on a children's book.

The first episode of HBO's new show, Looking, is online.

Tahmoh Penikett will guest-star on Criminal Minds' 200th episode.

The new Star Wars script is complete.

Bill Murray thinks the last, Kristen Wiig-led, SNL cast was the best since the original.

I labsolutely ove this piece about Thomas Beller listening to Nirvana with his two-year-old son.

And for fun, watch the Workaholics guys be adorable and funny and great: