I have a busy day ahead of me, friends. It's Thursday, we've almost made it to the weekend. Here we go.

Amazon Prime is the only online streaming service that will have Veronica Mars, in case you were planning to binge the show before the movie is released in theaters.

"New" is the most popular word in movies, media and books right now.

Kevin Biegel talks about the mistakes he made in Enlisted's pilot (sidenote: everyone watch Enlisted when it finally premieres tomorrow).

Check out this list of 16 books to read before the film adaptions come out this year (it's a really great list).

Here are the winners from last night's People's Choice Awards.

The Military Channel is changing it's name to American Heroes Channel.

This week's episode of The Mindy Project was pretty spot-on for women.

Damon Lindelof talks about why he returned to TV with The Leftovers.

Watch the trailer for Hulu's new web series, The Hotwives of Orlando, which has a pretty great cast list (including Casey Wilson, Angela Kinsey and Kristen Schaal).

Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead are more similar than you think.

Entertainment Weekly has the first still from The Fault in Our Stars.

Read this really great interview with Patton Oswalt, and despite being from Playboy, it's safe for work.

Coachella's 2014 lineup was announced last night.

David Caspe's new comedy has received a pilot order from NBC.

Saturday Night Live also diversified its writers room.

Zoe Saldana has been cast in NBC's adaption of Rosemary's Baby.

Here's a look at what FX's TV version of Fargo will look like.

And for fun, CinemaSin looks at the damage done in Ghostbusters: