I'm not even going to bother saying good morning because today's headlines are so good that they can't wait.

I am insanely excited that NBC has given a new pilot order to Babylon Fields, which is a pilot CBS passed on back in 2007 (and is online, and wonderful).

If you missed this Bad Lip Reading video for Game of Thrones you need to fix that and watch it now:

Watch a clip from Ass Backwards which was written by and co-stars Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael.

For the first time in 17 years, the South Park guys missed this week's deadline causing the new episode not to air.

Damon Lindelof quit twitter.

New Girl isn't handling the Jess/Nick relationship very well.

I liked this interview with Jimmy Fallon where he talks about his new baby and The Tonight Show.

Kerry Washington will be only the ninth black woman to host SNL.

Glee will end next season.

The trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel is online and it's the most Wes Anderson-looking movie that Wes Anderson has ever made:

Yesterday I took some time to watch a video of Aubrey PlazaFred Armisen and Billy Eichner talking about whether or not comedy is art. It's worth your time.

Chris Pratt is back on the set of Parks and Recreation.

I love that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is directing an episode of Last Man Standing.

Amy Poehler talked about how well Cecily Strong is doing at the Weekend Update desk.

Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs have both scored more script orders.

Vince Gilligan spoke about the Breaking Bad finale as well as the spinoff, Better Call Saul. The show is expected to have Breaking Bad cameos, including Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston.

HuffPost sat down with Marc Maron and it made for a pretty good read.

My favorite read this morning was this list of terrible episodes of great TV shows.

I cannot wait for Conan's interview with Mel Brooks. Watch a preview of it here:

Now you have enough pop culture news to pass the time in the doctor's waiting room.